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We use a wide range of tools and activities during mentoring circles and as 'homework' activities to consolidate learning and skill development of mentees. An example tool is provided below, why not give it a try?

Iceberg Exercise:

When assessing our issues much of what we are tackling on the surface is just the tip of our iceberg. This exercise helps us to address issues for the long term by examining the underlying emotional and psychological aspects that will help address and reinforce our goals.

• This means identifying how we feel and what emotions are stirred by particular issues so we can keep them in check.

• Underneath our emotions are the deeply held values which we use to operate effectively on.  When we are clear of the values we hold for particular purposes, it helps us to know when we can compromise or where compromise is not acceptable.

• Being true to one’s values often yields a more satisfactory outcome for all parties involved.

Below you can download an example of the Iceberg exercise completed by someone experiencing problems at work.  

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Circles Successfully Completed Across Europe

Women setting up a business were recently supported by Circles in the UK, Netherlands, Malta and Cyprus. Watch interviews with some participants in the Netherlands here. For more information, visit the fe:male website. 

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